Austin Hoffman

Yoga Instructor


Austin first began the journey into Yoga in 2011. Yoga was the main tool that got Austin out of a state of chronic depression and anxiety after being attacked on a walk home.


Once he had experienced the power that came with Yoga, Meditation, and an awareness of breath, Austin made it his mission to share the gift of  Yoga with the world. 

Currently, Austin teaches at various studios in Summit County CO and has been teaching for the past 6 years after completing his 200Hr Yoga Teacher Training at 7 Centers Yoga Arts. 

Austin teaches the power you gain from the connection you have with your breath, setting that as the foundation of each practice as you flow through each Asana.


Amber Robertson


"Have you ever found yourself at a Broyoga or New Age woo-woo yoga class? Equally unsatisfying in their extremes, Broyoga focusing intensely on the exercise aspect of yoga (Hardcore Secular Stretching!) with no lightness, softness or relaxation or a New Age class where the instructor focused more on shallow interpretations of ancient Indian Cosmology than the somatic experience?


Austin is a teacher that exemplifies skillful means of bringing the deep, powerful practice of Yoga into America today and making it relevant and helpful. Balancing intensity and gentleness, his instruction will guide you where you need to go, when you need to go."

Christopher SanShin Russell  Ward, CO

"Austin knows how to help you the most specifically. You can hire him for a private yoga session, and he can teach you exactly how to feel better if you are going through a time of pain or suffering. After a yoga session with Austin, you will feel like you just took some drugs that are stronger than anything you currently get high off of - sex, food, drugs, etc... The key is having what you want with you at all times, yoga - when you need it - you always have it... Let Austin change your world into the one you have been dreaming of... "

Adam Brobjorg Keystone, CO


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